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Welcome to we-go-party.com your party travelagent!

We offer you party holiday, city breaks and individual group travel.

Thanks to our many years of experience with event trips around the world, we will show you the best clubs and festivals under the sun!

As a starting point of your journey simply select the closest airport near you.
For the rest we take care for you!

For bus or plane trips almost every place and departure airports are available.

You can face individually or just let you make an offer for your desired travel destination of your journey and from our building blocks.

We offer special rates for hotels, airline tickets, car rentals, local transfers and much more.

Imagine your travel wish and we will compose it as you want it!

Our guides provide optimal care and give you advice when and where you can experience what.

With our final holiday package we bring you one of the hottest destinations such as Tomorrowland, Kazantip, Ultra Music Festival, Spring Break, Snowbombing, Nature One, Sunburn, Electric Daisy Carnival, to name just a few!

Another highlight is our exclusive party boat and ship travel such as Yacht Week (Croatia), Holyship (Miami-Bahamas), Groove Cruise (Los AngelesMexico) or The Ship (Asia)

Individual city tours and New Year's tours  to Moscow, St Petersburg, Budapest, Prague are only a small part of the world  you can travel with us.

Locally, we have ready for you, depending on the destination, a balanced range of sightseeing tours, shopping tours and party packages.

The Palm evaluation table helps you in choosing your priorities.

Whether individual or holiday packages with us since her always in the right place at the right time!

Enjoy hopes you'll,

we-go-party.com team!