BoomTown (United Kingdom)







BoomTown (United Kingdom)

10.08.2016 - 15.08.2016

The base of BoomTown City and where the committee push the boundries and create an interactive and engaging fair for all of you BoomTown residents to fully immerse yourselves in!

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BoomTown first opened its gates in 2009, a small yet vibrant community whose sole aim was to share with the world its culture of kinship and revelry. Those gates have since paved the way for thousands of musicians, walkabout performers, creative minds, and skilled craftsmen who flock to the illustrious annual Fair from all over the globe!
Now, a few years later, BoomTown, having gone from strength to strength, each annual Fair surpassing its predecessor in every innovative way conceivable, has evolved into a sprawling metropolis bursting with intrigue, vibrancy, theatre, fantasy, escapism, and camaraderie. And what happens when all of the above are mixed together in the great stewing pot of BoomTown Fair? Well, that’s when you discover that what boils to the surface is ultimately what it’s all about. Fun!
BoomTown comprises 9 distinct districts that revolve around the Heart of the City before branching out into suburbia, each one bringing with it a unique theme and musical flavour to cater for all tastes. Situated centrally are OldTown (Pirates, Balkan & Gypsy), TrenchTown (Reggae and Dub), Mayfair Avenue (Electro Swing and Glamour), Wild West (Bluegrass and Cowboys), Whistlers Green (Folk and World Music), and KidzTown with PG rated musicians, workshops, and a wide array of interactive games! Equally as intriguing, in The Outskirts, beyond the city’s rapidly beating heart, the intrepid explorer will discover Barrio Loco (Breaks and Bass), DownTown District (Drum & Bass and Jungle) and ChinaTown (Ska and Punk).
But the essence of the city is far greater than the sum of its musical parts. A theatrical plot, played out by hundreds of supporting cast members, unfolds within the Fair, drawing together events that transpired over the past year, before exploding in dramatic climax. This year unveils a new Chapter: A New Twist! – a storyline concerning old rivalries, new alliances, underhand tactics, time-travel, and the volatile predicament of Wild West meets Carnival!


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