How do I book a trip with you best?

The easiest way in which you conveniently via the website's reservation system ask us a request.

Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I book by phone?

Sure. We have you booking hotline: +49 5931 3033897

Further contact details can be found on our contact page:

Facebook www.facebook.com/wegoparty or Whatsapp +49 1714603751

I have individual needs (another hotel, departure), how can I tell you?

If the option is not already included in the booking form you can ask our experienced team. 

I've just sent you a booking request. What is next? What do I do now?

Your request has been received, we check zealous therefore the flight and hotel accommodations.

Are there enough capacity there, we will send you a booking confirmation and your insurance certificate.

Should not be sufficient capacity exist, we will discuss a different flight or another hotel with you.


I have received from you a booking confirmation, what next?

During the booking confirmation, is just an invoice for the down-payment, if any, will transfer please send on the specified bank account.

If you have not booked the complete package please make sure that you're at the agreed time at the pickup location.



The minimum number refers to all participants booked travel for a specific travel date and does not depend on how many people you book. This also applies to trips.


How much baggage can I take?

The number, size and weight of the luggage is limited! During bus trips a suitcase OR (max 20 kg max. 160 cm Overall dimensions,  width plus height plus depth) applies a travel bag plus one piece of hand luggage. The hand baggage must not exceed. Its 5th kg and not exceed the size of a normal backpack. This applies to all trips, regardless of whether mono- or bi-weekly! Hard shell case are unsuitable for bus travel, since they can not be neatly and securely stowed and are very susceptible to damage during transport. The carriage of excess luggage or large sizes is due to the limited luggage space of buses not possible and is rejected expected at embarkation.

For air travel, different rules apply depending on the airline. This you will find in your travel documents. The carriage of excess baggage will require a fee when traveling by air.

The best you identify please all - especially your valuables - legible name and home address! Please close your valuables in a safe. We assume no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen articles. If you forget the resort valuables, do not hesitate to contact our tour guide. Here you can find also all information on baggage insurance.


Travel alone? Here are a few tips.

You travel alone? No problem! You quickly meet lots of new people who are your age, and your tour guide helps you quickly to catch up.

In most cases, this is done already by itself on the arrival or simply book a place in a double room - then you're with someone in the room who travels alone and also do not have better connection!


When will I receive my travel documents?

The travel documents with all the other important information you get about 10 days before the start of your journey. Important: The punctual payment is a condition that we can ensure the timely delivery of the documents.



How can I pay you for my trip?

Simply by bank transfer. Alternatively, like via debit / credit card or via Paypal).

Till when the entire trip must be paid?

No later than 30 days prior to departure, the total amount of all participants must be received by us.


We have booked with you as a group, everyone can have individually?

This is no problem, please use only in your booking reference number and the name must be specified, we can assign the payments.

As a group of applicants you get an info about each payment. So you know automatically, by whom, as we shall pay from your group.



Unfortunately I have to cancel my trip, how do I do that?

Directly contact us.

Or look into our Conditions

What are my cancellation fee?

It all depends on how long it is until departure. The exact rules, you find in the terms and conditions. This can be found here and they are of course your booking confirmation.


During the journey

Where do I meet the guide?

Your tour guide will bring you directly at the airport or meet you at your arrival at the hotel

How does the room or tent allocation?

The room and tent division takes place locally on arrival. Here, our guides will naturally try to consider all possible provided when booking requests. To make sure you book the best an entire double, triple, or quadruple according to the number of your friends. If you are traveling alone, we recommend booking a half double room. If you want to prove a mixed-sex 2 bed bed room / tent, this is also possible.


There are discrepancies / deficiencies during the trip, to whom do I contact?

Perfection is unfortunately rare, simply register with the tour guide, and it is created as soon as possible remedy.


Can I be reached in an emergency?

Of course we also have for your family members a 24 hour emergency number where the tour guide is also accessible from Germany.


What's happened to me when an emergency while traveling?

Again, the tour guide is your first point of contact, he is also around the clock by phone within reach, and helps you immediately.


Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend a travel cancellation insurance or an insurance package to hedge your trip also book. Information under travel insurance.


Travel documents and vaccinations:

Within the EU, you need only a valid identity card as EU citizen.

For all travel outside the EU a passport is required!

Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Attention, entry requirements can change at short notice! Current information can only issue the embassies and consulates of the respective countries holidays, more info at www.auswaertiges-amt.de.

All those who do not have EU citizenship, usually need a visa for the destination country.

 For the procurement of visa you are responsible.

In many cases, however, we can give help and addresses for requesting you. Your visa application should be received at least twelve weeks prior to departure at the respective consulates or embassies. We would like to point out that we do not assume any costs incurred due to not present or insufficient documents.

Our tour guide, the bus driver and the staff of the airlines check before leaving your documents for completeness. If your original documents are not complete, you can not take the bus or airplane trip unfortunately. A copy of your documents is not enough.


Do I need a special vaccination?

We refer to general information and in particular from health authorities, doctors experienced in travel medicine, tropical medicine, travel medicine information services and the Federal Centre for Health Education are available. Find out this directly prior to travel about infections and vaccinations and other preventive measures.